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RoadWorks Complete your roads in minecraft!

RoadWorks 1.5
For Minecraft 1.2.5

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Needed for this mod to run.
Risugami's ModLoader 1.2.5                                                                                                                              

SpaceToad's MCForge Client 1.2.5 or later



Download Server: 



It add's the following to the game:
It adds an asphalt block to the game called "Road block"
It adds stripes (for on roads) to the game in the following ways:
It adds paint rolls, which are able to paint unlimited stripes, and as of yet it adds three:
1: The middle stripe paint roller.
2: The side stripe paint roller (always to your right)
3: The arrow paint roller, now this one has 7 different types of arrows, to switch you have to press the "X"(default) button and the color of the paint roller will change, you can see directly what kind of arrow it is, in the upper left corner.
4: Extra stripes paint roller, to finish all little parts that are not connected yet, to switch you have to press the "C"(default)and the color of the paint roller will change, you can see directly what kind of extra stripe it is, in the upper left corner.
All paintrollers are also available in yellow now! Craftable with one roller and one yellow dye(shapeless).

1) Open up %appdata%, if you don't know how to do this, start>run, then type in %appdata%
2) Browse to .minecraft/bin
3) Open up minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7zip.
4) Install Modloader, then ModloaderMP, then MCForge. (Drag and drop the files into the jar)
5) Delete the META-INF folder in the jar.
6) Drag and drop the files from my mod into the jar.
7) Run Minecraft, enjoy!

Installation Server:

1) Open up minecraft_server.jar which you have to download first at
2) Throw in the MCForge server
3) Drag and drop the files from my smp mods into the jar.
4) Run the server, enjoy!






Added vehicle mod (no more colliding)


Added SMP support!
Added the yellow paint rollers, craftable with one roller and one yellow dye(shapeless).
Added a new complex roller for extra parts of stripes, to make your road complete!
When holding a roller, it will now say what kind of stripe you selected in the upper left corner.
Blocks not dissapearing when blocks beneath are destroyed bug fixed.
Release!!! :D

Credits to:

Notch for making minecraft!
Everybody who helped me figure some things out (teken,xTiming,Stewiecraft,Groxmapper,Joneal9174)
My brother, for giving me the idea (He's a perfectionist when it comes to building)
The downloaders of this mod, for making me happy you like the mod enough to download :D.

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Lamps and Traffic lights 1.6

For Minecraft 1.2.5

First of all, I'm still new to modeling ingame, and this is alpha, so there might be some bugs.
Second, the lamp not being touchable is NOT a bug, it just isn't possible for me to make the actual block box larger,
this should however not be a problem, because you can still remove the lamp from the downpart, and you can still touch that.

What does this mod do?
It add's the following to the game:
Three lamppost models, A horizontal, vertical and bent pole for making traffic lights and three types of trafic lights see images.












V 1.6 1.2.5 Update Including the trafic lights and poles.

V 1.5 Release of the new version with fixed errors and orientation bugs.

V 1.4 Fixed several bugs.

V 1.3 New simple lamppost.

V 1.2: New double lamppost.

V 1.1: Bugfixes

V 1.0: Release!!! :D

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Signs Beta 1.0!

For Minecraft 1.2.5


You must have Lamps And Traffic Lights installed for this to work!


Warning: This Beta version contains some minor bugs which will be fixed soon!



Here Or Here

Older versions:
None yet

What does this mod do?
It adds roadsigns to the game, which you can stick to your wall or to a pole!

Current Signs: Stopping sign;

How does it work?
You place signs against walls, but If you place them against a (LATL) pole, then they will automatically attatch to that pole!


V 1.0: Beta release!!! Posted Image

Banners and Chieves coming.